Tips for Buying Dog Treats


When it comes to buying dog treats, there are many varieties you can choose from. Knowing the right treat to buy for your pet can be challenging given the many varieties available. You need to find the right treats to make your pet and yourself happy. Below are some things to keep in mind when looking or dog treats.

Where Have they Been Produced?

It’s important to know where the treats you want to buy are manufactured. The treats will be going inside your pet’s body. Buying treats whose origin has not been confirmed is risking the health of your dog. It is advisable to choose dog treats made in the United States to ensure the good health of your pet. In the US, the health authorities ensure that all dog treats in the market have been produced under quality steps and regulations. Thus, the treats are both safe and healthy.

What Ingredients Have Been Used to Make the Treats?

You should also confirm the ingredients used to make the dog treats you want to buy. According to the law, manufacturers of dog treats have to indicate the ingredients they use to make the treats on the packaging. Confirm whether the ingredients used will make your dog healthy. Some of the common ingredients you may find used to make treats include brown rice flour, nitrate-free bacon, olive oil, cheddar cheese, and pumpkin. To learn more about dog treats, visit

Find Out About the Calorie Count

It is important to confirm the calorie count of the treats from you would like to buy your dog. The calorie content is usually indicated on the packaging of the treat. Your dog may end becoming overweight if you give it treats with too much calories. You do not want this. There are different factors to consider to determine how much calorie will be right for your pet. You can know the right amount of calories for your dog based on his breed. You may not have to worry about the calorie count of a treat if you have an active dog such as a Border Collie. On the flip side, knowing the calories available in a treat will be important if you have a dog that is mostly passive, perhaps due to old age. An experienced breeder or vet can advise you on the amount of calories that will be suitable for your dog.

Cost of the Dog Treat

Cost is another important thing to consider when choosing treats for your dog. If you are a on a budget, you may want to compare prices of the treats you want at different stores. You can also check the prices of dog treats at different pet stores on the internet. You can save when you buy online by using store coupons. Visit if you have questions.


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